Herbs and spices go back a long way. They have always been in demand and we still use them on a daily basis. For example, sage is used in a variety of different ways in cooking. It is used with the Turkey to make the best Thanksgiving meal. It is often used with chicken. It makes a fantastic combination with lemon, bringing out its pungent aroma.

A brief history of sage

Here, we are taken all the way back to ancient Greece. The Greeks and Romans had a strong belief that sage produced a lot of wisdom as well as the mental acuity. In the 10th century the Arab physicians also jumped on the bandwagon, saying that it help with immortality

To sum it up people believed that sage was an important herb because it brought about wisdom, skill, esteem , good health and increased psychic powers. They also believed that long life was an attribute which came from the power of sage.

The plant was said to belong to the Styrs, who were believed to be half men and half goat kind of creatures.

When it came to the seventeenth century, the Royal family in England employed herb stewers and they then scattered sage and lavender, which helped rid the towns of the nasty odors of the time.

In the Middle ages, sage was beneficial in treating people who were suffering from fevers, intestinal problems as well as memory loss. There were other things that this was able to treat such as eye problems, epilepsy, various types of infections and liver diseases. We can see from this, that this is indeed an extremely versatile herb.

The medicinal uses for sage

Whilst, sage may not have treated all of these conditions, back in the day, the herb is still has its uses today and is in fact quite powerful. It contains high doses of calcium and potassium. It also contains vitamin A, C and B-complex. It is a great antioxidant and works as an anti-inflammatory. You can use it for a sore mouth as well as mouth ulcers. If you have a sore throat then cut up some sage with a little chamomile and place it in some boiling water. Leave this to brew. You can also make a sage gargle with 3 teaspoons of sage leaves in boiling water. Leave it for 15 minutes, then strain it and allow to cool.

Cooking with sage

Sage can bring a lot of dishes to life. Combining it with other ingredients which work well together is also a good idea. You must know what to use, otherwise you will get the wrong flavors. You can also make a sauce out of it or even make a pesto. It can become overwhelming so don’t use too much of this. It works well with poultry. Things like chicken, turkey as well as pork work well with this herb. Sage also works very well with a lot of vegetables and just gives them a hint of flavor that they may be missing.


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