In the world of cooking, it is a huge advantage if cooks and chefs know their food. Sometimes, even if they have graduated from a culinary school, it does not automatically mean that they will be getting their dream jobs. Nevertheless, some self-taught chefs have that passion of knowing the crops around them and continue to experiment on how they can incorporate them in their other dishes. One particular species of food that repeatedly amazes people is the Scotch Bonnet peppers. Its variety has various levels of hotness so chefs have to figure out on how to use them.

Such peppers are known in various names like Scotty Bonns, Caribbean red peppers as well as Boabs Bonnet. These peppers are generally found in the islands of the Caribbean. The heat that these peppers bring has fascinated people all around the world. Thus, using them in so many dishes as well as condiments is not surprising at all. Scotch bonnets are present in Jamaican, Haitian, Grenadian and Barbadian cuisines. However, there are also some chefs and cooks coming from various parts of the country that try to incorporate these peppers into their dishes. It is a risk worth taking since they know that there is nothing really to lose.

Thanks to the colors of these peppers, individuals are able to add them to almost any dish they desire. There is green, pumpkin orange and even scarlet red. In case people want to try and grow this pepper, they can easily do so by cutting out the seeds.

To name a few, the scotch bonnet Burkina yellow comes from an African strain. You know they are matured when the light green color turns to a yellow lemon color. This is one of the rare varieties as well as a collector’s dream. Its heat is very hot, so be careful if you want to add them to your dish.

The scotch bonnet chocolate is a Jamaican pepper. With its fruity and smoky flavor, it suits the Jamaican cuisine perfectly. When you see that this pepper turns from dark green to chocolate brown, then you know it is ripe already.

Scotch bonnet red, on the other hand, becomes bright red from pale green in color once it matures. Another rare pepper is the scotch bonnet sweet. Based on the name itself, the heat is sweet or no heat at all. This is particularly suited for those serious chili lovers. It is quite difficult to explain how the taste of this pepper is but it is recommended that you use it in your pasta dishes because it makes a full flavored pasta sauce.

These are only a few of the many scotch bonnet peppers in the world. Trying to eat a few of them can be exciting especially those who want to add a little thrill in their lives. Just remember to keep a glass or even bottle of milk beside you in case you choose to try these out. Milk puts out the heat in your mouth easily so you would not worry about anything.

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